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Easy to Use

One pull with two hands restores the sign to its original upright position.




The Pivot device is flexible and the pivot spring is adjustable for long-lasting service.




No need to handle the sign post and no bolts to replace. Keeps the service crew
out of the grass away from ticks, spiders, snakes, ivy and prevents them from
potentially slipping in the ditch when retrieving the fallen sign. Increases traffic
safety due to decreased sign down-time.




The Pivot Sign device will decrease sign and post damage. It will also greatly
decrease the need to replace damaged ground posts. The Pivot Sign takes less
force to knock down, therefore it is less likely to cause damage 

to farm equipment.


"Sign Crew Friendly" because there's no more wadding into tall grass &
deep ditches to recover signs and no more replacing ground posts; quick and

easy to put upright.


"Taxpayer Friendly" because the Pivot Sign saves tax money on

signs & is safer because caution signs will be up a greater percentage of time.



"Farmer Friendly" because the farmer knows the Pivot Sign reduces risk of equipment damage & he need not worry about damaging the signs.






Austen Edwards farms with his dad in Lyon County, Kansas. They really appreciate having Pivot Signs on the two rail bridges near their farm .They have fields on both sides of the bridges. Normally , they have to remove their combine header to pass through.


Now with the Pivot Signs they can leave their combine header on when changing fields .

Additional Volunteer Force in Spring planting and Fall harvest

  • Some farmers are willing to upright signs they knock down.

  • Various Highway Department personnel can be assigned to help.

  • Some road Grader Operators would be willing to help.

  • Local citizens may want to upright signs to enhance safety in their area.


It is possible to get enough help during spring planting and fall harvest to make a significant difference on increasing the amount of time that Pivot Signs are standing vertically and not lying on the ground.

As a road grader operator, I up-righted the Pivot Signs as I bladed through my section. While some of the Pivot Signs were down one to three days, the other break-over signs using the bolt attachment were lying on the ground for 3 or 4 weeks. The Pivot Sign gives increased safety to motorists with a decreased amount of time  these “caution signs” are on the ground.


A little education to highway employees and the public could bring helpful support for greater driving safety.

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