About the Freedom Innovations Company
Freedom Innovations Company was formed in January 2013 in Hartford, Kansas. Freedom Innovations Company has created hardware that will support county road sign maintenance.  It began with one idea to improve county road caution markers (OM3).
That idea turned into a product called the "Pivot Sign" device.

John O’Connor, founder of Freedom Innovations Company (FIC), has worked for Lyon County Highway Department as a road grader operator for 9 years.
He started FIC in January of 2013. John is the product designer and customer service representative. He is part of the small community of Hartford, KS.



















Narrow culverts and wide farm equipment cause many signs (OM3) to be knocked down.


But with the Pivot Sign device these signs are more easily brought back to their vertical position .


This device allows for farm implements to push the sign over with wide equipment without

damaging the sign and without damaging the equipment.


The Pivot device allows for the maintenance crew to pull a sign upward by hand.

The Sign will snap vertically back into its original position.


Our Mission :

To create innovations that support more effective county road maintenance.


Our Vision :

To create manufacturing jobs in our community and other locations in the USA.


Our fabrication shop is located at 1632 Rd 110, Hartford, KS 66854. 
You may look at the map on the "Contact Us" tab. 

For any questions or orders please call John between 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday at: 
620-392-8568, or 620-794-5039 Freedom Innovations (customer service)

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